The firm’s M&A advisors provide strategic advice to companies helping them identify potential targets or partners that align with their business objectives and growth strategy.

J & Griff’s services involve conducting thorough due diligence to assess the financial, operational, legal and regulatory aspects of the target company. This helps the acquirer make an informed decision and understand potential risks and synergies.

The firm’s corporate advisors determine the fair market value of a target company and assess its financial health aiding the acquirer to have an informed decision on a reasonable purchase price and negotiating terms.

Our firm assists in structuring the deal, considering various factors such as payment methods (cash, stock, warrants or a combination), financing options and other terms and conditions.

J & Griff’s advisors actively participate in negotiations with the target company’s management and stakeholders to achieve mutually acceptable terms. We also aid in drafting the necessary legal documentation for the transaction.

Our services safeguard the compliance of the transaction with relevant laws, regulations and antitrust or competition laws to gain necessary approvals from regulatory authorities.

After the merge or deal is completed, our experts ensures the integration of the acquired (targeted) company with the acquiring company; maintaining a smooth transition and realization of synergies.

J & Griff’s advisors assist companies in disposing off non-core assets or divisions to streamline operations and focus on their core competencies.

Our experts in international M&A assist companies in navigating the complexities of cross-border transactions, including cultural, legal and regulatory differences.

Our consultants’ M&A services deliver guidance and strategies for companies targeted by hostile takeover attempts, assisting the protection of interests while maximize shareholder value.