J & Griff assist companies and organizations in creating efficient plans for raising capital with a range of channels, such as debt financing, venture capital, private placements, and public offerings.

Our experts aid businesses plan and carry out IPOs, helping with feasibility studies, choosing the best time to list/offer, and overseeing the public offering procedure.

J & Griff assists clients in effectively accessing the debt and equity markets by offering advice on the best capital structures and financing alternatives.

Assisting clients undertake wise investment decisions, the company carries out market research and analysis offering insights into investor sentiment, industry trends, and competition dynamics.

We assist clients in recognizing and reducing market, credit, liquidity, and other risks through risk assessment and management.

Integrity and transparency are key factors in maintaining proper financial markets. Our team of professionals ensure the compliance with all applicable securities laws, exchange regulations, and reporting standards.

 J & Griff’s corporate advisory strategies provide guidance on adopting & integrating new technologies and digital solutions to drive innovation and retain a competitive advantage in the digital age.

To increase investor trust, J & Griff helps clients ameliorate their corporate governance procedures and disclosure requirements.

Among the services provided by our company are the assessment and application of technological solutions to enhance risk management programs, compliance procedures, and trading efficiency.